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COVID-19 Virus and Possession Orders

Our office has received numerous calls regarding Spring Break and when a parent must return a child after the Spring Break. We now have a better idea of how the courts in the Houston and surrounding areas are handling such matters.

If you have possession during Spring Break, your period of possession ends on the date set forth on the calendar for the school district and does not extend simply because of the school closings related to COVID-19.

The Courts have been granting writs of habeas corpus and awarding fees against the parent who failed to return the child.

Honestly, I encourage you to work with the other parent to co-parent during these very difficult times. I understand that some parents are incapable of co-parenting and, therefore, the existing order must be followed precisely.

If you have any questions about these and other issues relating to child custody matters, please do not hesitate to contact me at (281) 501-1558. While we are currently working remotely, we have full access to the phone, internet and all other means of communications and are able to assist.

Wishing all of you good health and good spirits during this difficult time.

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