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Family Violence & Difficult Times

This is an ugly topic.  I just finished reading Mekisha Jane Walker’s autobiography of her marriage to an abuser.  Her story is compelling and I highly recommend this book for everyone – for yourself, a family member or a friend.  The book entitled, “Why Did You Stay” is a testimonial and a book in support of those who suffer at the hands of their abuser.  Abuse is not limited to a person’s socioeconomic status, educational status, or their presence in the community.

During these difficult times, it is important to know that you do not have to suffer through the physical violence, mental abuse, and/or other forms of abuse just because you are quarantined or social distancing.  You can leave and leave you must.  There are many groups that will support you and your family if you need to leave.  You can share your “secret” without shame.  You can call 911 and you can get help for you and your family.  If you are in a violent situation, please seek help.  Below are some numbers (other than dialing 911) where you can find help.

Houston Area Women’s Center (713) 528-2121

Women’s Home (713) 521-3150

Star of Hope – Women & Family Emergency Shelter (713) 222-2220

Salvation Army (713) 650-650-6530

The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston (713) 667-4493

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