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Mediation is the process of settling a case by using a disinterested and trained third party to resolve the differences between the parties. The parties are in separate rooms and rarely do their paths cross. Most family law cases actually settle prior to trial. Many times my clients ask or even insist on going to trial. I enjoy the work and challenge of trial yet am always supportive of a resolution without trial. Why?  If a family law case goes to trial, you are asking a judge or a jury of 12 of your peers to make the decision as to where your children will primarily reside. I describe a family law trial as throwing a hand grenade into the middle of your family. It is grueling, scary, unpredictable and expensive. Sometimes Mediation means you give up something to get something else. Sometimes it’s just a compromise where you have to plug your nose to sign. Sometimes a case just has to go to trial and the preparation process will begin long before the date you’re set to go. If you do have to go to trial, think about the effects it will have on you, your children and your financial future and decide wisely.

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