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Remember, the holidays are to enjoy special family time with your children

If you are currently working under a court ordered possession schedule, please take a moment before school recesses and the holidays get underway to fully understand what period of possession to which you are entitled. This will help with any confusion as Christmas approaches. Parents are encouraged to work out agreements for the children and should do so; however, be sure there is a true meeting of the minds and each parents understand the schedule agreed to between them.

Please remember that the holidays are for you to enjoy special family time with your children. Do not engage in any interrogation, questioning, or make any comments about the other parent or the other parent’s family during your visit. Obviously this is something that should never happen; however, the children (of all ages) need to have a fabulous experience with you and the rest of their family. Please do not encourage or allow others to do make any comments or inquiries either. Even if you know this is happening in the other household, it should not happen at your house. Please remember that it only takes one good parent to raise a loving, successful, productive and independent child. Be that good parent.

To all: I wish you the Happiest of Holidays, Merriest of Christmas and Happiest of New Years.

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